Instructions for cast and custom splint care

Caring for your cast:
•     Always keep the cast dry
•     If the cast gets slightly wet, dry it with a hair dryer set on cool
•     No swimming allowed! The cast is not waterproof
•     If you experience swelling, elevate your arm above the heart
•     If the cast itches, tap on it with a wooden spoon or use a hair dryer set on cool to blow air into the cast. Over the counter anti-itch medication such as Benadryl can be helpful
•     NEVER place anything inside the cast such as a coat hanger or a ruler to scratch an itch, as this can lead to serious infections or wound problems!
•     Do not alter your cast in any way
•     Do not put any baby powder or perfumes on or in the cast

If you experience any of the following, contact Dr. Purdy’s office:
•     Uncontrolled pain or swelling
•     Change in color of the fingers
•     New numbness
•     New burning sensation
•     Bleeding or drainage from the cast
•     Rubbing at the edge of cast
•     Damage or wetness to the cast
•     Cast feels too loose or too tight
•     Foul odor coming from the cast or arm