Patient Information

Preparing for Your Office Visit

What we need:    

To make the most of your clinic visit, Dr. Purdy will require the following prior to your appointment:

* Completed New Patient Forms (link)
* Insurance information
* Referral from your primary care physician (PCP) when required
* Previous upper extremity operative reports
* Actual films and reports of any previous x-rays and/or MRI/CT scans
* Previous medical records related to your condition


Dr. Purdy’s Exam
Dr. Purdy will take a thorough history and perform a detailed examination. During the visit, please feel free to ask questions. After the exam, you will receive a clear explanation of your diagnosis and the reasons for any additional tests. Treatment options will be discussed and we encourage your participation in planning the course of care.


Office Policies
You need to arrive prior to your appointment time to complete any additional paperwork and handle any transactions.

Dr. Purdy is very proud of her staff, and works closely with them. We understand that navigating the medical system can be very stressful and frustrating. Please understand we are doing all we can to help you. Rudeness and use of foul language to staff will not be tolerated, and if not quickly resolved, may demand you find another setting to receive your care.

Copays and co-insurance amounts are expected to be paid at the time the service is provided for office visits, and arrangements/payments will need to be made prior to surgeries or procedures.


More Patient Information


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